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The entrance bench, the ideal solution for efficient hall storage

The entrance to a house or apartment is often a messy place. You're in a hurry to get home, so you quickly take off your shoes and throw away your coat, tired from the day. We leave things here and there, telling ourselves we'll put them away later. And then you do it all over again the next day! The mess piles up and you can't put one foot in front of the other. There are shoes everywhere, and you don't know where to put the jackets and coats of each family member. What's more, you're always losing your keys and looking for them just when you need them most, like in the morning, before leaving for work. Not to mention the wet umbrella that sits in the hall waiting for someone to fold it. That's where the entrance bench comes in, this practical, functional piece of furniture that will make your life so much easier!

Find the ideal entrance bench

Do you dream of a well-organized storage space that will be useful for the whole family? Choose a piece of hall furniture to store your shoes, or coat hooks to hang your coats, jackets and scarves. And don't forget the umbrella stand option. In wood (solid pine, oak or birch) or metal, combine different materials to combine comfort and aesthetics. Just imagine: a wooden entrance unit with a seat cushion for added comfort when you sit on the bench to put on your shoes. You can also opt for a checkroom or banquette format, depending on your desires, the space you have available and the style of your entrance hall. Whichever you choose, your entrance bench will take care of all your clutter!

Having a huge hall as you enter your home can sometimes feel like a waste of space. But having a large entrance is a godsend! Decking it out gives you the opportunity to add storage space, as well as decorative flair: a coat rack, an entrance box to hold your umbrellas, a bouquet of dried flowers hanging from a hooked shelf... It's the perfect opportunity to show off your style right from your doorstep!

Entrance benches

The bench is undoubtedly the most practical type of seating to adopt in a hallway. Wooden for a rustic influence, metal for a more industrial feel, or woven for an ethnic touch, it uncompromisingly combines aesthetics and comfort. Often equipped with drawers or shelves on the lower section, it's easy to store your shoes and various objects such as umbrellas. Its little plus? It's a piece of furniture that's perfectly at home elsewhere. Place it at the end of a bed in your bedroom, for example. Chic effect guaranteed!

Entrance boxes

From a set of stacked trunks to a comfortable bench seat, there are many ways to embellish your hall. Whether for lack of space or for organizational reasons, the entrance trunk is the ideal piece of furniture. In black, white or blue, the many colors available and the variety of models make it easy to match the rest of your furniture. Like the bench, its chameleon-like role means it can be installed in any room of the house: think of using it as a toy chest in a child's bedroom, for example.

Entrance changing rooms

There's nothing better than an entrance checkroom for storing your jackets and handbags. It combines all the advantages of other furniture thanks to its multiple functions: it can have hooks, a rack for hanging your clothes, sometimes a seating area, but also various useful shelves for storing baskets or decorative objects. Unlike dressing rooms, this type of furniture rarely requires the use of hangers. It is generally doorless, and some models come with an integrated mirror.

Entrance cabinets

Want to keep your clothes out of sight? Then opt for a wardrobe. Available in a range of sizes, they can take on a variety of original shapes: rectangular, narrow, unstructured, with a bench, etc. Whether high or low, they'll fit in perfectly with your room and satisfy your need for concealment. Whether high or low, it will fit perfectly into your room and satisfy your need to conceal your belongings. Large metal lockers offer an industrial ambience, while a dressing room in wood and cane gives a warm, modern look. The choice is yours!

Coat rack and coat hook

Whether you hang them on the wall or place them behind your door, coat hooks are very useful when your entrance space is limited. Hanging your coat on a beautifully designed hook is the best way to combine simplicity, charm and practicality. A single hook or several? The choice is yours!

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