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What's a sleeping bag for?

The sleeping bag replaces sheets, blankets or quilts. Babies don't know how to remove a blanket from their face. A baby girl sleeping bag therefore reduces the risk of suffocation, a frequent cause of cot death. What's more, before the age of 3, baby moves around a lot and is easily discovered. A baby girl's sleeping bag avoids the frequent waking caused by cold and discomfort. Depending on the season, choose a lightweight cotton or fleece sleeping bag. For outings, parents will prefer to slip baby into an angel's nest which, thanks to its hood, will keep her little head nice and warm. Sleeping bags and angel nests machine washable at 40 degrees.

You want the best for your child's sleep. A sleeping solution that's soft, enveloping and reassuring. To achieve this, you'll need a turbulette.

Sleeping bags are a kind of small comforter into which baby is slipped. Safer than a blanket (to prevent the risk of suffocation) and more comfortable too, your child is constantly covered (so there's no risk of him uncovering himself). The sleeping bag is the essential sleeping bag for toddlers. But how do you choose the right one?

Targeting your needs

There's a wide choice of baby sleeping bags to suit all budgets. To determine which one will best suit your child, you'll need to target your needs. The designs and compositions of these little comforters vary to meet every need.

Indeed, for winter or summer, there are different material or texture options.

The thermal resistance index of the article you choose, known as TOG (ranging from 1 to 10), will be of prime importance when choosing a sleeping bag. For cold climates, choose long-sleeved sleeping bags with a high TOG.

When the weather is warmer, you can choose a lighter, short-sleeved or sleeveless turbulette.

Intelligent designs and demanding materials

Some sleeping bags are evolutionary, with removable elements (such as sleeves) to accompany the child as he grows and adapt to each situation. For example, the sleeping bag can be fitted with a leg-separating slide to enable your baby to be placed in a car seat or stroller.

From birth to 36 months, your toddler will enjoy a peaceful night's sleep in a cozy, comfortable environment. They'll enjoy the characteristic, noble, high-quality materials recognized by the international OEKO TEX label, such as cotton percale, cotton crepe, velvet or cotton gauze. These materials respect the sensitive and demanding skin of little cherubs.

Your child's safety is priceless

It can be stressful to leave your baby alone in his crib and bedroom. That's why sleeping bags are subject to stringent safety standards to prevent any risk of slipping or suffocation (NF EN 16781, February 2020).

The sleeping bag has a snap fastening at the shoulders and a central or side opening with a safety zip to prevent accidental opening.

The sleeping bag is therefore a must-have on any baby's birth list. Whether as a gift or for your own child, this mini sleeping bag is essential for a peaceful night's sleep and optimum comfort.

They come in all colors and styles. All that's left is to get started and wait for delivery of this little cloud of comfort for your baby.

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