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Choosing a fitted baby sheet

Smaller than conventional fitted sheets (60x120 on average), baby fitted sheets serve the same purpose: to reinforce the effectiveness of the draw sheet and mattress protector and protect the bedding. This children's bed linen department offers fitted sheets in cotton and polyester. A wide choice of colors and patterns: white, pink, pastel blue or anise green fitted baby sheets, Oui-Oui, Mickey, Winnie-the-Pooh fitted sheets, teddy bear fitted sheets, etc.

Bedding is a central element of a baby's bedroom. Before baby's arrival, it's important for parents to select sheets and comforter covers that match the decor of the nursery. Pastel colors, savannah or fox prints... At La Redoute, we'll fulfill all your desires.


Sheets and comforter covers: two essentials for a child's bedroom

Practical for protecting the mattress, soft and comfortable for a good night's sleep, the fitted sheet is designed to adapt perfectly to the size of the baby's crib. The sheet will dress your baby's crib, making him feel warm and safe, delicately tucked in. Our products have been awarded the Qualité Best label, guaranteeing you the very best from La Redoute. We choose noble, soft and pleasant materials, and take great care over the cut and finish.

What material should I choose for my baby's white linen?

At La Redoute, our sheets, comforter covers and mattress covers are available in cotton, cotton percale, jersey, cotton linen or recycled cotton. The choice of cotton for baby bedding is a wise one. Cotton is a strong, durable fabric. Yet it retains its soft, silky feel. Cotton sheets are ideal for all seasons, absorbing moisture from night-time perspiration. Very easy to care for, simply run it through the washing machine on the appropriate program.

Good to know: our household linen has been awarded the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label. This means we can certify that no chemicals hazardous to health or the environment have been used in the manufacture of this product.

What size crib sheet should I use?

Depending on the size of your baby's crib, you'll need to choose a matching sheet. Cribs come in several versions: either 60x120 cm, or 70x140 cm. The cradle bed is designed to hold a 40 x 80 cm mattress. Umbrella beds are generally smaller than bar beds. On average, they measure 120 x 60 cm. Finally, the co-sleeping bed offers dimensions of 40 x 80 cm, or possibly 60x120 cm.

How many sets should I have for baby's well-being?

Because bed linen is a useful and practical purchase, we recommend you include it on your birth list so you'll never run out of sheets. It's an easy and affordable gift. A single fitted sheet won't be enough to deal with minor accidents. We recommend buying sets of two or three mattress covers. And always have a spare sheet on hand, just in case. To effectively protect the mattress, La Redoute also offers under-sheets to prevent peeing accidents when baby leaves the diaper for the night.

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