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A toy chest for a tidy bedroom

Practical and space-saving, the toy chest is ideal for storing your child's belongings and keeping them tidy. Discover the models we offer and choose from a wide range of shapes, materials and colors. Among the most popular models, the wooden toy box stands out for its practicality and sturdiness. Equipped with a wide lid, these storage boxes allow your child to sit on them to read or play. Easy to assemble and very light, the fabric toy box is ideal for small budgets. What's more, you can choose one with a print featuring your child's favorite heroes. Whether you're looking for a Paw Patrol, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse or Snow Queen toy box, the choice is vast. You'll also find storage chairs and poufs that are easy to install in your child's bedroom. They're extremely useful, offering ample space for large toys and much more. Some toy chests are equipped with wheels for easy movement, a handy extra for transporting them from one room to another without having to lift them.

In the wonderful world of our little ones, toys are an invitation to their infinite, fantastic imaginations, the gateway to their universe and an integral part of their learning process as they grow up. For parents, on the other hand, tidying up is a real chore - until you buy a toy box.

To help you select the right quality equipment, we offer a wide range of choices to help you find the ideal piece of furniture to organize your child's bedroom.

The ideal toy box for young and old alike

Because the primary use of the chest is to facilitate the sorting and storage of toddlers' favorite games, you have the choice of matching the furniture to the decor and layout of the room. There are several color palettes to choose from (e.g. white or pink for organizing baby's belongings), as well as different shapes and patterns to let their imaginations invent wonderful adventures. With a range of functional capacities, you're sure to find a toy box that your child will love, and that will evolve with his or her needs over time. For kit models, you'll find an easy-to-use assembly plan.

Original, modular elements

Do you have a preference for furniture that can be stored in a combination of bookcase-like features and a sturdy, folding chest, or do you prefer a fun, wheeled chest for children to organize their belongings while they're having fun? In this section, you'll find a wide range of selections to suit your tastes and those of your little angels. Some classic sorting accessories are available in lightweight fabrics or compositions such as wood, rattan or palm leaf, adding a distinctive touch to children's play areas. Small, large, trunks or even chests with integrated benches, you can choose the model by selecting your preferences in terms of brand, color, or price before validating your order and selecting the delivery method (free of charge at a relay point under certain conditions) you prefer.

Safety and the environment

The models offered by leading brands are certified to comply with manufacturing and user safety standards. Useful and practical, rigid material safes with lids are presented to protect against the risk of pinched fingers, with hinges or brakes, for example, to prevent the lids from falling off.

For more details, you can consult the guarantee of each article in the descriptions to place order.

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